Dale Fry was born in New Zealand in 1969; he spent twelve successful years working as an award-winning chef in several of Auckland’s top restaurants before a love of travel drove him towards a new career that would change his life completely.


Dale is a keen and experienced motorcyclist; he has a collection of eight at the moment! In 1996 he rode his Suzuki DR 800 down through Africa; after this adventure he knew that travel would always be an essential part of his life. In 1998 he applied to join the New Zealand SAS, and after passing a demanding nine-month selection course, he went on to serve in Afghanistan, and became an advanced medic and tracker.


Dale left the SAS in 2004 and continues to work as a security consultant in some of the world’s toughest war zones. In 2007, he participated in the award-winning documentary: ‘NZSAS: First Among Equals’.


Whilst his work involves travel, it is the thought of an unknown challenging adventure that inspires Dale to make an epic journey this year down through Eastern Africa in the truck. It will not be easy, but it will be a test of all his life experiences so far – his skills combining to create a unique and exciting overland expedition – When things go wrong, that’s when the adventure begins!


Food is still a passion in Dale’s life, with a fully equipped kitchen on the truck, he hopes to continue to create and cook some amazing dishes reflecting the local cuisine of the countries he will visit.


Morocco has already provided a rich and vibrant assortment of culinary delights – he has even cooked Christmas dinner in a tagine, which worked surprisingly well.
Dale loves simplicity and working with high quality fresh produce, but he enjoys adding a twist to traditional dishes – creating dishes that are unique, yet familiar, enhancing favourite flavours with new ingredients.


Dale is determined to experience all aspects of survival and adventure, driving across some of the world’s toughest terrains, discovering what is unique and inspiring about each country, off-road or on track; pushing the truck and himself to the limit.


The MAN Kat 1 6x6 truck began life as a fuel carrier for the German military in 1979 before his transformation into an overland truck. Designed as a high-mobility, off-road vehicle perfectly equipped for transportation over all types of terrain, it is ideally suited for overland travel.


For two years, Dale employed a small team in the Netherlands to make his dream a reality. It was a unique building project, and Dale oversaw every detail, a boat builder crafted the interior from quality timber, larger tyres were added and a vibrant orange colour chosen for the cab put the finishing touches to the truck, which Dale has nicknamed ‘Tanifa’. The truck has truly become a character, attracting and inspiring people as he travels.


.A traditional drawing of a Taniwha

[Ureia, guardian taniwha of the Hauraki people]

In Maori legend, the Taniwha (pronounced Tanifa) is a fierce and mighty sea serpent, traditionally painted in orange, black and white, it has the capability of taking many forms. They are often seen as guardians, protecting those who require its assistance and are often considered to be akin to a great whale or shark, but were often thought to be capable of tunnelling through the land.


‘Tanifa’ is much more than just a means of transport; on board is a Kayak, KTM 530 motorbike and a paraglider, additionally, two mountain bikes can be fitted to the roof of the cab.


The truck is designed and equipped for travel to remote regions for extended periods without resupply. It has a 700 litre filtered water tank on board and a 2,500-3,000 km fuel range, depending on the terrain. It is ideally suited to desert crossings for these reasons.

A 400 horsepower Deutz diesel engine and 6.5kva generator combine to provide power for what is essentially a fully functioning home on six wheels.


Inside is a bathroom with shower, kitchen with fridge/freezer, gas hob and fan-assisted oven, a dishwasher and washing machine and even a flat screen TV, stereo and cinema system.


There is a double bed, table with seating and two single bunks at the rear, as well as plenty of storage space. The crate on the back of the truck is controlled by a winch system, providing access to the motorbike and extra fuel and water containers. Skylights in the roof and ample windows provide the interior with light and warmth and two solar panels on the roof supply all the power requirements for heating and electricity.







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